Wall Of Coins Review | Most Trusted Place To Buy Or Sell Bitcoins

Wall of coins is the most trusted marketplace on earth. It is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange that connects for a purpose if buying and selling. A unique company providing its services across the United States. The exchange service established in 2017. It is the only market place that allows you to purchase and receive coins instantly. Never worry about the storage of coins. All coins stored a secure facility. Their company GPG keys can be used to verify and audit all deposits. Apply the wall of coins discount code to get 30% off on your purchase.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash?

  1. Select the coin from the main menu and then select the cryptocurrency you would wish to acquire. 
  2. Entering the zip code helps us to find the payment destinations nearest to you for making a cash deposit.
  3. You can even supply your bitcoin address.
  4. Enter the required amount that you wish to spend to get bitcoins.
  5. Press the order button head over to the payment destination
  6. Now, enter your email. Incase if you never supply an email address
  7. You need to protect the privacy of your respective business by creating a strong password.
  8. Wall of coins sends you a 5-character purchase code. Enter this code into the website.
  9. Copy all the details that you will receive on your mobile phone.
  10. Go to the payment destination and make the payment according to the instruction provided.
  11. After the payment, you need to send the receipt to support services 
  12. A wall of coins seller verifies your payment. After payment is confirmed, you will receive coins within a period of 10-15mins.  

Wall Of Coins Mobile Trading

It is a platform that comes with the interface which optimizes the work on mobile devices. A user can set up buy and sell orders using their smart mobile devices. They will also receive SMS messages with instructions to follow when buying and selling coins. 

Pro Of Wall of Coins

  • Cryptocurriencies bought by cash
  • Fees seem to be reasonably low
  • No verification is needed.

Cons Of Wall of Coins

  • Fees structures are not shown clearly
  • Limited cryptocurrency assets left
  • Cash deposits are the only method 
  • Restricted to the United States. 

The Final Verdict

Wall of coins is known for its fantastic peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange for traders. It is a simple exchange that comes with detailed instructions. Almost all buying and selling processes included. A user who wants to be anonymous will enjoy this platform. Use the wall of coins coupons to get 30% off. 

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