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CryptocAndroid is an ecosystem that is evolving faster than ever. Every day innovative products and services are launched. Luno is a company that helps individuals to buy, sell, store, and spend crypto with ease. They are currently available in 40 markets across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Luno even strives to add additional cryptocurrencies and countries for their customers. The next pace of evolution involves crypto across a diverse array of industries. It is an incredible platform for you to discover interesting crypto-based apps and services. Don’t forget to apply the luno promo code to get 50% off on your purchase.

Why Choose Luno Bitcoin Wallet?

Luno bitcoin wallet makes it easy and convenient to store your bitcoin. They are offering an easy way to buy, send, save, and learn about cryptocurrency. This is an incredible wallet that is available on IOS, Google play, and Web. Luno is an industry pioneer and has been in this industry since 2013. In addition to this, low transaction fees, including world-class customer service, were offered globally. You need to follow three simple steps. Sign up for your free luno wallet on the web, iOS, or Android and follow the process to set up a profile, Deposit money, and buy bitcoin securely.

Why Luno?

Luno is the leader since 2013. It has successfully processed more than a billion dollars in transactions. They are holding happy customers over 40 different countries. All the people across the globe use products. Their expert team has worked all over the world form top tech and finance companies like Google, Amazon, Morgan, Stanley, and Barclays. Luno built some of the world’s most sophisticated Bitcoin security systems out there. Bitcoin security systems have never compromised on security and privacy.

The Luno Etherum Wallet

The luno etherum wallet makes it easy and convenient to store your ethereum. Already they have transacted more than a billion-dollar on exchange. You need to follow three simple steps. Sign up for free luno wallet, choose your preferred payments and buy ethereum.

What is Bitcoin Exchange?

Bitcoin exchange is the world’s best most trusted, secure and reliable exchange. It’s loaded with most advanced features such as real-time market information, mobile trading on Android, Advanced charts, API access for automated trading, CSV export, trade history, reporting, depth liquidity indicators, Fast bank deposits & withdrawals with competitive fee structure with market maker incentives. Institutions and individuals trust them. It is a powerful trading engine API with multiple country support. Just signup for luno business, Application review, and buy ethereum.

Luno API

Luno API builds custom applications that give the ability to access current and historical bitcoin. They submit trade orders and view order status. Various features of luno API include multicurrency wallets, secure transactions, lighting payments, API key permissions, data streams, including security. You can even use high-quality API that robust integration and automation for you trading and payment requirements. Use the luno coupon code to get 50% off.

Pros Of Luno

  • It comes with a smooth, intuitive interface
  • Supports developing nations
  • Reputable company

Cons of Luno

  • Confusing fee structure
  • Custodial wallet


Luno has successfully stepped their niche in the emerging markets. This company is supplying users all fundamental for buying and trading cryptocurrencies. The user should keep an eye on incase if they are overpaying due to hidden fees. Luno fee structure varies depending on the country and amount of purchase.

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